Monday, February 1, 2016

*NEW* MAC Foiled Eye shadow in Sweet Illusion

Hi all! Happy Monday! I recently purchased one of the new MAC foiled eye shadows. The color I selected was Sweet Illusion which is described as a neutral light color. I always gravitate towards light shimmery shades! Anyway, I thought I would do a comparison with this foiled shadow and Makeup Geek's foiled eye shadow in Starry Eyed. In the photo below MAC's Sweet Illusion is on top and Makeup Geek's Starry Eyed is on bottom. As you can see they are very similar but Sweet Illusion has more glitter and Starry Eyed is slightly more pink. I honestly prefer the Makeup Geek shadow, it's way more pigmented and super creamy. The MAC shadow swatches a lot lighter and I had to build it up quite a bit to get it to the same level as the Makeup Geek shadow. I also tried the MAC shadow with some Fix Plus Spray and while it did help the pigmentation it still did not beat Starry Eyed. Do you need both? No way. Go with Starry Eyed as it is an over-all better foiled eye shadow in my opinion and for $10 less it really seems like a no-brainer! Have you tried any of the foiled eye shadows from either brand? What did you think? 


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